Money Wagon

Money Wagon

Howdy, partner! How ‘bout that money wagon, eh? All ripe for the picking, ain’t it?! This is going to be the greatest heist the west has ever seen, believe you me!

Drawing inspiration from the classical western tropes, Money Wagon gives you the thrilling and unforgettable experience of a high speed horseback chase of an old, steam-powered money train. But catching up to it is just the beginning. Getting the money out - that’s the fun part.

Money Wagon is a 5x3 slot garnished with numerous features, but it truly shines when it comes to its free spins and its money game. During the free spins reels 2, 3 and 4 are combined into one 3x3 megablock that dramatically increases your chances for success. But if you are looking for the jackpot, then the money game is what you are interested in with its dazzling prizes and its 1000x bet bonus. The payouts are so BIG you might actually end up feeling like you’re really robbing the Money Wagon.

So saddle up, cowboy, you’ve got a train to catch!


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