Video Poker Jacks or Better

Video Poker Jacks or Better

Mere mortals play Video Poker games with just a single hand, but the true Las Vegas Video Poker heroes play their games multi-hand. The only question – do you want to be ‘Ordinary Joe’, or do you have what it takes to be a 100-hand Video Poker hero?

Our ‘Jacks or Better’ flavour of video poker lets you play with 5, 25, 50 or, yes, an amazing 100 separate hands. And what’s more, no big computer screens are required - you can play on your phone in portrait mode using just your thumb, freeing up your other hand to sign autographs.

Our video poker game is fast-paced, bright, colourful and in-your-face LOUD! When you get a screen-full of winning hands you – and all those around you – will know about it! With payouts of up to 800x per hand, Jacks Or Better delivers genuine, Las Vegas video poker fun.

DeveloperSpearhead Studios

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